More Apps and Tools

An easy way to manage business cards

CamCard allows users to photograph a business card and upload the information directly to their contacts list.

CamCard is application that allows people to take a photo of a person’s business card and directly upload their information to your phone’s contact list. The free application, available on Apple and Android devices, divides the information into categories within the contact folder. The app allows users to share business cards by sending them internally through the application. Additional information can be added or taken out before the contact information is created. Processing time is minimal and is extremely easy to use.  — Jake Santo 

A quick but basic way to edit photos on your phone

Picsart allows basic photo editing on your phone.

PicsArt is an app similar to Adobe Photoshop. There are great features but the app has somewhat limited functions. It is a useful resource for journalists because it allows for them to edit photos in a pinch and on the go. That access is great for when you have a deadline and you may need to color correct a photo. Available for free on Apple and Androids. — Daria Jenkins

Lightroom offers professional-grade editing

Lightroom CC allows iPhone and Android users to edit their photos at a professional level. The free version of the Adobe app allows you to easily navigate to change the color, brightness and even the saturation of your photos, along with a lot more. The app also offers presets to give your photos a theme to start out with. The upgraded features, for $4.99 a month allow you to selectively edit parts of your photos.  Lightroom CC is great for journalists who may not have access to a high-quality camera to make their photos look clean and professional.  — Kayla Satterfield


Foreceipt: A better way to keep track of expenses

A promotional screenshot from

Foreceipt allows journalists and anyone else who travels for work to create detailed expense reports by taking photos of receipts. It allows options to edit the information for various business needs, which may be particularly useful for freelancers. The app links your Google Drive account and sends copies of your receipts into Foreceipt folder in your account. This free application is available on Apple’s App Store with a current 4.4 rating. The only drawback is you have to allow access to your Google Account for the application to work properly. — Jacob Santo

Keep up on news and events with Banjo


The Banjo app allows you to see what’s going on in the places you care about keeps you up to date on current events by showing trending events, sports, music, and other happenings in the places you care about. You can sign in through other social media accounts and connect to multiple sites to find events and stories nearby. When I tried it out, it showed me concerts here in Phoenix as well as a shooting that happened back in my hometown. The app is great for the modern journalist because it keeps them informed on what people are interested in in their area and across the U.S.  Available for Apple and Androids

— Daria Jenkins

Nike+ Training Club

☀☀☀☀ Nike+ Training Club is a free health and fitness app that provides easy-to-follow personalized training plans. With more than 100 workouts, there’s something for everyone, beginner to advanced. Exercise anywhere, anytime, with or without equipment. The individually tailored workout plans are geared to your specific needs. Ever wanted to train with a celebrity? Say, pro golfer Rory Mcllroy? Or tennis star Serena Williams?  The Nike + Training Club makes this possible, too. Journalists should stay in shape, too. — Dillion Eddie


☀☀☀☀ Close5 sells items locally and is useful for students who want to buy and sell near campus. It made a top 10 list for buy/sell Android apps; I can see why. Search through a variety of categories. Take pictures of what you’re selling from your phone and make ads. Send and receive messages about what you’re buying and selling. Make a profile, gain followers, and have your current and sold items on your account. Available for Android or iOS. Sarah Hunt


☀☀☀ Oanda currency converter is a useful app for converting money when you are reporting abroad. Enter your currencies to produce the conversion. It has a wide database of global currencies. It is easy to use, understand, and has a clear format. It did not make this Android Authority list for currency converting apps, so looking around is recommended. Oanda is available on Android or iOS. Sarah Hunt

Word Flow Keyboard

☀☀☀☀ Typing can be difficult on the go. Microsoft Garage has sought to change that with its application Word Flow Keyboard. It has an innovative design featuring an arching keyboard that allows for easier one-handed typing. It also will detect your typing patterns to complete words the more you use the app. Michael Simon of gave the tool a 4.5/5 because of the sleek design, easier to use, he said, than an iphone keyboard. Journalists will prefer this tool to go hand in hand with their on-the-go lifestyles. — Ben Jacobs

Dragon Dictation

☀☀☀ Typing up interviews just got a little easier with Dragon Dictation. This app will record and “type” what you say in real time and is quite accurate. Unfortunately, it does not save the text within the app and will slow down significantly (or even crash) at the 200-word mark. Additionally, the app’s developer, Nuance, has not updated the app since 2013. Instead opting to create Dragon Anywhere, a huge improvement from its predecessor, yet only available for $15 a month. — Cat Supawit