Breaking News

☀☀☀ ☀☀ With the Breaking News app, you can easily stay up to date on developing stories right from your mobile phone. Nearby stories develop right before your eyes. The “whoa” section of the app is interesting because it shows some of the more trending news stories. I turned on live updates on my phone so I was easily notified about nearby developing stories. This is a great app for any journalist who wants to stay up to date with the very latest news. It would serve as a great source for story ideas, especially localizing national and international stories. —Melissa Szenda

iPlayer Radio

☀☀☀ iPlayer Radio is a free app that allows users to listen to BBC radio anywhere that their iPhone or iPad may be. Podcasts are available to download and work offline, and users can also listen live and use playback control features. This app can be connected via Airplay, Bluetooth and over Chromecast devices. There is also a radio alarm feature. It’s a general news app, helpful to journalists only as a source. —Alexis Berdine

Facebook Instant Articles

☀☀☀ As of April 12, 2016, Facebook Instant Articles were available to all publishers. Unfortunately, it’s not so “instant” to get your article up and published. You must get your content approved by the Instant Article Team, which takes 24-48 hours. The wait may be worth it for content that loads 10x faster than normal. Reports suggest users open Instant Articles 20% more frequently. Facebook is working with platforms (like WordPress) to speed up the process. Visual content shows well in the Instant Article feature. One major media outlet taking advantage of this feature is National Geographic. They produced an in-depth content piece on bees, where readers could read, listen, and discover visual content in new ways like moving a phone side to side to view a full image in detail, while having a caption read to them by the photographer. — Melissa Szenda


☀☀☀ Feedly operates as a one-stop news source. It follows news sites you choose, such as CNN or the New York Times. The site benefits news junkies who don’t want to spend money on app purchases. Feedly operates similar to a Twitter timeline. You follow accounts and view the news stories that are provided. The app fared well in this comparison review of news apps.  — Connor Van Siclen

☀☀☀ Feedly keeps all your news in one place, comparable to your Facebook or Twitter news feed, but minus your cousins constantly offering their comments. Use Feedly to track keywords and to follow blogs, brands and companies. Some users say they use it to stay in the know about their workplace, yet Google Updates would work just as well for that. —Jamee Lind