☀ ☀  Tape-A-Call is an app that allows the user to easily record phone calls without any extra equipment. The app’s layout is simple, but the process of recording the audio isn’t. You click the dot, hear a beep as you connect to the app via phone, but then you must start another call to the third-party and then merge the calls. It also can take up to 30 seconds to set up the recording. On top of that, if for some reason the app is not recording, there’s no way to know. A journalist could use this, but I would be cautious. If one were to record a call (check the legality of this in your state), I would suggest they simply use a separate recorder.  — Garrison Murphy

☀ ☀ ☀  Tape-A-Call: Journalists may want to try it. Once you have completed a phone call recording, you can then share an MP3 via text or email. One plus: there is no time limit on recordings. Journalists should know and follow the rules for taping interview subjects; in many states you need their permission to do so. Here is a video link that explains the app. — Alexis Berdine


☀ ☀ ☀ ☀ Periscope allows users to broadcast what they are doing to others. Unlike Skype, OoVoo and Houseparty, only the host appears on camera. Watchers communicate with the broadcaster through comments. Periscope connects people quickly and efficiently. It has potential to be a great tool for journalists, who could share interviews or breaking news live. However, the app faces a fierce competitor: Facebook Live. If reaching a larger audience is your goal, Facebook Live is the better option. Periscope presents the option to alert Twitter followers about broadcasts but still lacks Facebook’s popularity.  Nisa Ayral

☀ ☀ ☀ ☀  With Periscope, you can create video on your smartphone from anywhere and have anyone from anywhere else see it—live. You can also follow other users and watch their live or saved videos. While watching a video, you can send comments that the person who is being filmed can see and answer. This is a useful tool for journalists who are covering live events. I can also see these being a popular app for Viners and Youtubers who like to vlog. You can download the app on the app store and for Android. — Ashley Altmann


☀☀☀☀ Magisto breaks down video editing and movie making into three easy steps: selecting your videos and photos, choosing a theme and adding a soundtrack. This app allows you to share your completed video with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Google Plus right away. An “explainer video” is helpful along the lines of the ones on Youtube. — Alexis Berdine


☀☀☀ AudioBoom allows users to record, edit and upload audio clips into your phone. You also can follow other users and listen to their audio. With the CarPlay feature, you plug your phone into your car and enjoy a bigger sound. Overall, this app is easy to use because it is so intuitive. However, I do not see a particular use for this app in the world of journalism. — Alexis Berdine


☀☀☀ iMovie is an app produced by Apple that comes with any mobile Apple product, and can be used to edit footage. A desktop client also exists. iMovie can be used without instruction. It accesses your phone’s photos and videos and allows users to drag and drop clips into an editing bay. The main drawback: to make audio dubs work smoothly over video clips, you need to record the audio on a separate app and layer it in. A journalist could use iMovie to edit footage in the field; it’s convenient and powerful. —Garrison Murphy