☀☀☀☀ You no longer need to give up simplicity for security. WhatsApp is similar to other messaging apps, but it offers end-to-end encryption for all of your conversations; third parties (and even WhatsApp itself) can’t read or listen in. It avoids impersonation by using your personal phone number and doesn’t require a separate account like Facebook Messenger. The app has more than a billion users worldwide (only 8% are found in the U.S ). So journalists should use it to securely contact international sources. Cat Supawit

☀☀☀ WhatsApp isn’t special. Texting through WhatsApp works when you don’t have cell service and avoids long-distance charges, but what makes it different from other messaging apps? Apple’s iMessage, for example, also can send messages through Wi-Fi. Unlike WhatsApp, however, iMessage is available for iPads, Macbooks and other devices. Don’t have Apple products? Facebook Messenger, Kik, Crew and others do the same job. Aside from a lack of originality, the popular app is simple to use for anyone who has ever sent a text from a smartphone before. Leah Soto

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