☀☀☀☀ Venmo is a mobile payment app, popular among students who do not carry cash.  Venmo allows people to pay for things using their credit card information.  The app is similar to Square Cash, but is more popular. A different payment service is offered by apps like Tilt, which allows people to raise money for common goals.  Connor Van Siclen

☀☀☀☀ Venmo is a money-transferring app. Users can easily send funds to other people’s accounts. The app takes a minute to learn. It’s more accessible than similar platforms such as PayPal. If you sign in through Facebook, you can see where any of your Venmo-using friends are sending money and why. The simplicity of the app’s design minimizes confusion. News organizations could use it to pay freelancers. Ethical issues would need to be addressed, such as open vs. discrete payments. — Garrison Murphy

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