☀☀☀☀ WordWhizzle is a letter game that works like a puzzle. Here’s how: The app generates a topic, such as “wild animals.” You must swipe letters to form the right words for that topic. The game is fun to play but hard to beat. It is also addictive. Tough topics lurk in the higher levels. The puzzles get harder to solve when more letter combinations are added. If you want a lot of hints, you have to buy them. Journalists who play word games sharpen language skills. — Scotty Bara

☀☀☀☀ WordWhizzle is a fun time for a journalist! Similar to RiddleMeThat, this free app encourages creative ways to solve word problems. It is heavy on advertisements but I found the annoyance bearable. Users get a theme and a scramble of words. Assume the topic is “facial features.” You would have to connect the letters to make words in the correct order to win. (Try it in the photo above.) For any word-lover, this is a great way to enhance creative thinking skills. Download WordWhizzle from the app store. — Olivia Davila



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