☀☀☀☀ TravelMath is a brilliant app that calculates the cost and distance of a trip. When I mapped a trip from Phoenix to San Diego, the app reported the distance, time and costs of choosing to drive or fly. TravelMath is a smart tool for journalists who are constantly traveling. In July 2016 it was featured as a top travel app. It is free and available on Android and iPhones. Julia Bashaw

☀☀☀☀ Planning for travel can be complicated. Finding good deals is often difficult. But with Travelmath, users can calculate time and the dollars of flying, driving or riding. Locate train stations, destination distances,  travel times and more with the website’s search tool.  Journalists can use Travelmath’s quick responses to get to news events whether they are across the country or across town. The app is free to download. — Scotty Bara

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