Google Voice

☀☀☀☀ The Google Voice app will probably be the reason I drop Verizon. Calling and texting is free (as long as you’re on Wifi). The app accesses  your contacts and after that you can call anyone on any carrier. This would be helpful to journalists in that they could call anywhere in the world cheaply. There are pros and cons, but overall it is worth trying. The app has an upgrade to make the sound quality crystal clear. — Connor Van Siclen

☀☀☀ Google Voice transcribes and preserves voicemail online. The tool can save journalists time by creating the first written drafts of voice messages. Users can add notes to voicemails and share them like email. Journalists could use a Google Voice number instead of their personal number for privacy protection; you can even use this service to make inexpensive international phone calls. Free calls are limited to the United States. New members will need to sign in with their Google account or create a new account. — Scotty Bara

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