Within (formerly Vrse)

☀☀☀☀☀ Within is a professional VR platform, home to high-quality and captivating video.  The app, formerly Vrse, hosts everything from a Mr. Robot TV promo to a New York Times magazine project. You can see a U2 music video, Saturday Night Live tapings or a variety of TED Talks. The Within app runs well, with bright, organized features, including options to stream or download videos. It is a great showcase for immersive storytelling.  — Kelsey Hess

☀☀☀ Vrse allows users to view virtual reality news and entertainment videos that include a variety of topics created by organizations like The New York Times Magazine, Saturday Night Live and Vice News. Out of the 19 videos available on the app, I viewed only two. The reason: it took about 5 minutes to download each individual video onto my phone. There was no option to just press play and watch the videos directly from the app. This made the process time-consuming and almost not worth the wait. Overall, I think this is an interesting and professional app that could use a few adjustments. — Ashley Altmann

☀☀☀ Vrse creates compelling integrated VR stories. The app offers several stories that are cooperative pieces between Vrse and other news organizations. Narrated 360 videos tell the stories. Drawbacks include a design flaw which makes selecting a story after your phone is in the Vrse goggles difficult as well as some stories only available for download (others are available for both streaming and download). Despite the flaws, Vrse is one VR app worth checking out. — Carly Henry

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