☀☀☀ Wish is a shopping app with millions of products at 50 to 80 percent less than the original price. Know what you’re looking for? Use the search bar. Not looking for something specific? Browse away. Wish has low prices but two major drawbacks: long shipping waits and somewhat sketchy products. Make sure to check product ratings and reviews and, because most items are manufactured in China, be prepared to wait around three weeks. Though it has no specific use for journalists, it’s an interesting app nonetheless. Also available for both iPhone and Android.  Nisa Ayral

☀☀☀ Wish gives me mixed feelings. It offers incredibly low-priced products; most at least 60 percent off. Users can find nearly any type of product, with reviews from all over. Name brands, however, are largely absent. The app might be a quick way to get low-cost items, a type of low-end Amazon, or it might be a gateway to badly made products. Some users report receiving sub-par items. Journalists could try out Wish by buying items for limited use, such as an umbrella for a stand-up in a storm.  — Kyle Dowd