☀☀☀☀ Fear of lack of privacy should never stop good journalism. Privacy is never an issue with Open Whisper Systems. The tool, called Signal in the app stores, encrypts both text messages and phone calls — so long as you use their app (at Google Play and the App Store).  Edward Snowden (former National Security Agency contractor) and Laura Poitras (noted filmmaker and journalist) are well-known users. With their backing, any journalist should feel comfortable using this tool to communicate with sources privately. Ben Jacobs

☀☀☀☀ Signal is touted as the best free encryption app, keeping your conversations safe from prying eyes. It’s bare-bones: You can send messages, photos and videos in-app, or send an SMS text. But it lacks features of Line and other advanced (yet unsecured) chat apps, such as PDF and other file transfering.  Signal is a solid option for journalists working on sensitive articles (Edward Snowden endorses it). For most of your work, you won’t need this app, but it’s worth having on retainer for when you do. Chris McCrory