☀☀☀☀ Glassdoor is Yelp for jobs. You can search for work within most occupations or within specific companies, or post anonymous reviews of employers. The app offers crowd-sourced average salaries for different job titles that are location-specific.  Glassdoor allows users to upload resumes and apply for positions directly from the app. “Know Your Worth” lets you tell the app about yourself and get a salary estimate. Journalists can use it when looking for a job or to review a previously held position. Business journalists can also inform their audience of job opportunities and salary trends. — Kyle Dowd

☀Glassdoor provides a safe platform for honest reviews of companies and job applications, but I can’t recommend it. Type in a specific industry and city and there just isn’t much there. When I searched for a specific company, much of the information was incorrect or missing, and what was there was anonymous and unconfirmed. Glassdoor gives the company a rating regardless of the number of reviews, and the comments are too vague.  It is a fantastic tool in theory, but ultimately nothing I could use. — Kelsey Hess


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