Discovery VR

☀☀☀☀ Discovery VR, a virtual reality app that acts as a tour guide, is available on both the App Store and Google Play. Check out new content, such as the “Born in China” experience. Discovery VR can be viewed without goggles in your browser. It is already being used for journalism by the Discovery Channel. Discovery documents the world’s locations, inspiring ideas about the world we might not have considered. However, it could use more video over still frames. — Connor Van Siclen

☀☀☀☀ Ever wonder what it’s like to swim with a frenzy of sharks? Discovery Channel VR dives into the world of virtual reality with content that immerses viewers. This app’s content includes high-definition 360° clips from Discovery’s classic television shows. Visit places you’ve never seen without leaving your couch. This app’s large library of quality documentary content makes it special.  (I watched a clip of Mythbusters in virtual reality.) Journalists can explore how high-definition immersive content is changing storytelling. — Scotty Bara