☀☀☀☀ If BuzzFeed has a downfall, I have yet to find it. BuzzFeed News meets my expectations for BuzzFeed products. The stories are easy to find and read. The material is vast. Not limited to hard news, the app brings entertainment to the stage. Avid news readers and journalists alike should find some relief in BuzzFeed News that they might not find in The Wall Street Journal. This app is available for free download. — Olivia Davila

☀☀☀☀ BuzzFeed features the newest and fastest-spreading content on the web. Catch up on the latest with BuzzFeed News. Watch BuzzFeed videos with internet favorites such as the Try Guys, who do everything from swimming with sharks to eating strange foods.  Follow BuzzFeed shows such as Debatable (ketchup vs. mustard, and other real-life controversies) and Taste Tests. Themed quizzes test your knowledge on popular movies and Would You Rather questions can be fun at friendly gatherings. Journalists who want to understand millennials: visit BuzzFeed. — Kyle Dowd

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