☀☀ Werdsmith is great in theory but not in practice. The app is designed to be a mobile writing studio; users can customize themes, set writing reminders, and choose between three writing templates (markup, novel and screenplay). Journalists could jot down quick notes or write full projects entirely on their phone. But the app doesn’t offer much more than Notes, which is already built into all Iphones. Its biggest flaw: a $4.99 monthly charge to access other users, get five more design themes,  writing prompts, and even basics such as bold and italics. Writers and journalists would be better served by a laptop. —Kyle Dowd

☀☀☀☀ Werdsmith allows users to write anywhere with the backup protection of the cloud and features the cleanest and simplest writing app experience. Writings can be shared with a link, exported, or published to your portfolio. Werdsmith allows you to set writing goals for yourself and reminders that update you on your phone, as well as different ways to track and organize entries. The app can be upgraded at $2.99 to add more space.
— Jamee Lind

☀☀☀☀ Werdsmith helps you write. Its layout is simple and appealing. The app features two main categories: ideas and projects. Both allow the user to write whatever they want in the provided space. If a writer or journalist has difficulty organizing their ideas, this app could be beneficial. The app layout can also be adjusted to a user’s preferences. The app will also remind the user to write at certain times if wanted. Users also have the option of upgrading to a premium version of the app in which more layout presets are available. The app does not assist in writing, such as spelling/grammar checking.
— Garrison Murphy

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