☀☀☀☀ Splash is virtual reality app that allows users to create their own VR content with a 360° scope. Just tap the screen and you can map an area or event with photographs, video and sound. The content can be created and shared within a matter of minutes, going out from the app itself or through Facebook. Other Splash content is available to view. This app is useful for journalists because they can use it to create quality interactive VR content in the field without the use of specialized equipment. — Victoria Grijalva

☀☀☀ Splash is a virtual reality app featuring crowdsourced 360 videos from around the world. Users share videos through Facebook or Splash itself. The quality of the social-network VR video varies widely, but overall it’s relatively high. Users can create their content with photos, videos and sound. An app like this makes creating and sharing VR content easy. Journalists could use this to share 360 video content with people quickly without having to purchase expensive equipment. — Carly Henry

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