☀☀☀☀ Ten-second pictures, socialized. Snapchat helps you share your life with your friends. Version offers even more features. The new World Lenses allow you to interact in creative ways with the world around you. The new Stories Playlist feature lets you pick and choose the people whose stories you want to watch continuously. “Stories” could help  journalists who want to post about their day or an event, but don’t want to bombard an Instagram or Facebook feed. “Discover” provides content from a variety of major media companies, including news and election coverage from CNN. — Hailey Koebrick

☀☀☀ With Snapchat, anyone with a smartphone can broadcast events that occur in his or her life, truly allowing anyone to be a journalist. The app has evolved since its 2011 creation to include features like Live and Discover. The Live feature is incredible, allowing users to upload their photos to a shared stream, creating reports from an event or location told from multiple perspectives. Journalists can use it to understand different points of view (though there aren’t enough group narratives; I am rarely in a place where I can view/contribute to Live.) Discover, which helps media organizations (like The New York Times, Buzzfeed and CNN) to share news in an immersive way, seems more popular. —Melissa Szenda

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