☀☀☀☀ My view: The New York Times has again revolutionized journalism. Its VR app, free in the App store and Google Play, only requires a smartphone and Google Cardboard or Daydream VR rig. Engadget’s review points out that viewership will depend upon adoption of goggles, and we aren’t there yet. Still, I loved the different environments, from troop movements in Iraq to exploring old jail cells. Using 360 technology, journalists can tell their stories with real world settings, for their stories and even VR-based articles. — Ben Jacobs

☀☀☀ The NYT VR experience is impressive — and you don’t have to have VR goggles to view 360-video on this smart phone app. You can live-stream or download the video (but downloading takes a lot longer). Advertising videos placed among the news videos, only distinguished by a tiny company logo, lessened the experience. Clear labels would be an improvement. That said, this app offers unusual ways of seeing a news story, or having “an experience” as the app calls it.  — Jamee Lind

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