☀☀☀☀ Your internet browser can be drowned with tabs. Instapaper has found a way to keep them at a minimum. The tool allows you to save articles and videos for later viewing. The Sweet Setup called Instapaper their favorite read later service because it eliminates aimless web searching. It’s available with a Google Chrome extension on your laptop or a mobile app on the App store or Google Play. The app is free and has no space limitations, which is great for journalists who need to keep information in a central spot. Ben Jacobs

☀☀☀☀ Instapaper lets you read online articles, offline. Click on web pages you would like to save. Highlight and comment on articles. Select text to be played back with the app’s text-to-speech feature. All notes automatically sync to a user’s mobile devices and to Version 7.3 updates include a newly-free premium version and a corresponding Apple Watch app. Instapaper is ad-free. It operates in 14 languages. Journalists doing quick research can find articles now and save them to refer to later. — Kyle Dowd

☀☀☀☀ ☀  I downloaded this app for keeps right away! It helps journalists (or anyone) stay on top of the news. You can save articles from social media or the web that you find interesting but do not have time to read. The app then stores them for you to read whenever you may want. This app makes articles easy to read with a simple design and easy to use font. This app could be used daily and you can save as many stories as you like. — Alexis Berdine

☀☀☀☀ Instapaper allows users to archive online articles for later reading. The app is also available on the desktop. Your account can be shared between multiple devices and platforms. When on mobile, the user can save an article to Instapaper by selecting it under the share feature that is incorporated into most browser apps. The app also has its own browsing feature that features apps the “editor” picks. One can also highlight text in the app and have text played back using a text-to-speech feature. A journalist could use this to consume and archive other media more easily. — Garrison Murphy