Google Translate

☀☀☀☀ Google Translate allows users to move seamlessly between a multitude of languages. The free app can copy translation to your clipboard or share it through iO.S. apps such as Messages, Mail, iCloud Drive, and the Note apps. Useful features: speech-to-text narration, live translation with your camera and handwritten text translations. You can download an offline translation file, as well as ‘star’ translations for future reference. Journalists can use this to help close the language with sources, or assist in communication when visiting other countries.  This app is a versatile resource, though the translations themselves need some improvement. Hailey Koebrick

☀☀☀☀☀ Google Translate will blow your mind with its real-time photo translator. Click the camera button and focus your lens over a restaurant menu in a foreign language—and instantly view the translation (from more than 90 languages). Users can type, speak and use photos to get translations. Reviewers have used the app to converse with clients who speak another language, verify a word, read, or to learn a whole new language. Journalists can use this to get interviews they otherwise couldn’t; the minimalist Google format makes it easy. A must-have app for cultured individuals. —Jamee Lind

☀☀☀☀ Google Translate is a helpful tool that I use frequently for school and for my daily life. The tool gives people easy access and quick responses from a language translator. It is user-friendly, with more than 100 language options. The tool has the option for users to type, speak, or take a picture of what they want translated.  While some of the translations are not always 100% accurate, the words and phrases have the gist of what is trying to be said. A translation community helps correct words and phrases, with people earning points and badges for their contributions. Despite its imperfections, I think Google Translate is one of the most useful tools offered by the company. — Ashley Altmann

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