Flipboard (Web)

☀☀☀☀☀ Imagine a website filled with articles you’re interested in — or better yet, stories you’ve glanced at and want to read later. Flipboard (web) is that site. To customize my feed, I was given 18 tailored topics to click on. The astonishing part of this was the selection — “Longreads,” “TED Talks on YouTube,” “Los Angeles Times,” “Big Ideas,” “Slate,” “The Hollywood Reporter” — things a website would know by tracking my internet history. While I’m impressed by the result, Flipboard falls on the creepy side of the spectrum of customization (if you don’t scrub your search history).  —Kelsey Hess


☀☀☀ Flipboard is a culmination of articles from various news organizations. By creating an account, users can set up their news interests. You might want to know more about international law, or film, or business. A home page displays articles based on these interests, displayed by relevance and timeliness. After clicking through a story, users can find more related stories and add topics of interest. Certain news organizations, however, limit access to their journalism, which restricts usage. So users must connect their news subscriptions to the app for unlimited access. For journalists, Flipboard can be a useful research source. —Victoria Grijalva

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