☀☀ The only way a journalist could use Filmakr is by paying. Every video produced by the free version, which does little more than string individual clips, has a watermark distorting the footage. The app throws you into the interface without any explanation, forcing you to experiment to figure out even where your videos are stored. The free software that comes with your computer does everything this app can without costing a penny. —Chris McCrory

☀☀☀ Filmakr allows users to film and edit footage more manually than a stock camera app. The app is simple and can be learned in under a minute. After an account is made, the user is taken directly to the camera feature. One can adjust the video quality and the amount of flash the app uses. The editing bay is similar to iMovie and can be learned without instruction. The app could be useful for journalists who are frustrated with the stock camera on their phone and want more control in the shooting and editing process. — Garrison Murphy

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