Google Public Data Explorer

☀☀ Google Public Data Explorer turns “big data” sets into interactive graphics. You can import data from researchers at The World Economic Forum, for example, and easily see what’s happening with global trends. Journalists can unlock the stories in their own data with graphics and charts. You can preview, share, upload and publish their data sets to the Google Public Data site. Graphics are discussed on message boards and in topic groups. This service works best on a computer as it is not optimized for mobile. The downside: this tool was difficult for me to navigate with its busy design. — Scotty Bara

☀☀☀☀☀ Google’s Public Data Explorer is an easy-to-use online database comprised of datasets and metrics from global sources. Users can search for statistics from trusted sources like the U.S. Census Bureau and the World Bank. After searching a phrase such as “infectious disease,” the data explorer will display results that can be narrowed down by location and date. Data can be displayed in either a bar or line graph, map or bubble diagram, which can be animated. This free tool can easily be customized and saved for use in online publications, which makes it ideal for journalists. — Lauren Hornberger