☀☀☀☀ Personalization. People go back and forth on whether they want their news customized. Too much filtering and you only get news you already agree with. Twain, run by algorithms, not editors, scours the globe to serve up popular web stories. Nieman Lab likes the tool because of its ability to find stories you may never have heard of. The app was released for iOS in early April 2017. Journalists: if you are looking for an interesting story mix, hop on the Twain train.  Ben Jacobs


☀☀☀☀ Transcribing interviews can waste huge sums of time for journalists. Enter oTranscribe, a free HTML5 tool takes some of the pain out of the transcribing process, allowing you to adjust the speed of the video or audio file while you transcribe and insert time codes with a keyboard shortcut. The tool keeps your video or audio file and the transcription of the audio on your device to ensure your data is protected. It is not offered in the App Store or Google Play, but through a Chrome extension; you can transcribe videos using Google Docs to host the text. Journalists should try this software. Time is valuable and oTranscribe gives you the ability to make the most of it.

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☀☀☀☀ What does any dishonest public official fear? Whistleblowers; which is exactly what SecureDrop specializes in. SecureDrop allows you to anonymously upload documents for journalists to use. Guides for journalists and sources show how SecureDrop allows sources to feel secure when giving journalists information, an act that may hurt their careers. The site also allows for donations to maintain the tool. SecureDrop is great because it eliminates the uncomfortable positions sources are put in when revealing information the public needs to know. Ben Jacobs

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Babylon Translator

☀☀☀☀ Babylon Translator, available for both Apple and Android, is equal to Google Translate. The app divides language into smaller categories to be more accurate. One addition I like: you can shake your phone to clear the text box. The app makes translation easy, with a look similar to Webster’s. The app benefits journalists who report beyond the limits of their native language. — Connor Van Siclen


☀☀☀ Tenor, available for the iPhone, allows its users to send GIFs in messages through their iOS devices.  Tenor is an average app; it didn’t make the list in this thorough assessment. Illustrating our conversations with trendy eye-catching graphics is fun, but no benefit to journalists. — Connor Van Siclen


☀☀☀☀ Creative. Fast. Convenient. VUE has become a leader in the realm of video editing applications. Unlike Videolicious, VUE offers a reliable montage function, useful for journalists who want to convey a lot of information in a short amount of time. One issue: my imports on Instagram and Facebook were sometimes oddly cropped. VUE is available for iOS and Android. Dillion Eddie

Nike+ Training Club

☀☀☀☀ Nike+ Training Club is a free health and fitness app that provides easy-to-follow personalized training plans. With more than 100 workouts, there’s something for everyone, beginner to advanced. Exercise anywhere, anytime, with or without equipment. The individually tailored workout plans are geared to your specific needs. Ever wanted to train with a celebrity? Say, pro golfer Rory Mcllroy? Or tennis star Serena Williams?  The Nike + Training Club makes this possible, too. Journalists should stay in shape, too. — Dillion Eddie


☀☀☀ Todoist (free) is a good app, but it doesn’t have as many features as other to-do list apps. For example, Evernote’s free version allows photo uploads and audio recording while Todoist doesn’t.  Unless you shell out the $28.99 a year for a premium subscription, Todoist won’t even send push notifications. It does, however, have a motivating point system that lets you move up ranks as you complete tasks. Todoist’s premium version gets good reviews, but the free version is mediocre. It is available for download on Google Play and iTunes.   Leah Soto


☀☀☀☀ Close5 sells items locally and is useful for students who want to buy and sell near campus. It made a top 10 list for buy/sell Android apps; I can see why. Search through a variety of categories. Take pictures of what you’re selling from your phone and make ads. Send and receive messages about what you’re buying and selling. Make a profile, gain followers, and have your current and sold items on your account. Available for Android or iOS. Sarah Hunt


☀☀☀ Oanda currency converter is a useful app for converting money when you are reporting abroad. Enter your currencies to produce the conversion. It has a wide database of global currencies. It is easy to use, understand, and has a clear format. It did not make this Android Authority list for currency converting apps, so looking around is recommended. Oanda is available on Android or iOS. Sarah Hunt